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Broilers are chickens raised for the purpose of processing for meat once they have reached a specific weight.  Our broilers are Red Ranger or Freedom Ranger, and are certified organic and pasture raised.  They must be picked up on-farm.  The price is $6/lb processed weight (average 5 lbs per bird = $30).  Final payment will be specific to your bird's actual weight and collected when you pick up your chicken.  

Please fill out the form below.  We will reply to let you know if there are enough birds left for your requested date(s).  You may come to the farm to get your chicken up to 2 days later.  Then you can send your $10 deposit (per bird) to reserve your tasty chicken(s)!


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With our WSDA special poultry permit, our processed chickens are only able to be sold whole, cold but not frozen, direct to consumers no later than 48 hours from processing and picked up on-farm.

We hope to progress towards a Poultry Processing License next year, once we've built a dedicated facility.  That will allow us to sell at Farmers' Markets and to restaurants.

We raise Red Ranger and Freedom Ranger varieties, which are more natural birds than the Cornish Cross commonly found in supermarkets.  While they take a little longer to mature, we find that their meat is superior in taste and nutritional value.  We raise our birds in chicken tractors moved to a new patch of grass every day.  They are wonderfully happy birds!