Ratatouille Time

The zucchini comes first, and then the tomatoes and onions. And finally, we reach that time of year when everything necessary for the French classic Ratatouille is available all at once. It’s possible to make this dish any time of year with imported vegetables and canned tomatoes, but there is really only one right time to make it, when everything is available from the farm except salt and olive oil, in August and early September. A few years ago, one of my former customers at UW’s Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity asked me for “my best ratatouille recipe.” Instead of an actual recipe, I sent him what I thought was a simple and forgiving template, but turned out to be comically complicated, reminding me that not everyone is an intuitive cook. I include that story on my latest blog post, where I write about my more personal farm experiences, not always appropriate for this professional site. http://nowarningfarm.com/?p=1736

For more rigid, but perfect, instructions, see Julia Child’s Ratatouille.

Andrea Miller