A New Favorite

The first of the green beans have appeared; one day, they are just leafy bushes and the next, you pull up a branch to see long green strands dangling everywhere. It’s a highly productive plant, deserving of the real estate it consumes, but I have never been able to say I love green beans. They may sell better than the eggplant and okra that I do love, but they’ve always seemed just that to me; a boring and reliable home run at the farmers market. Then a few days ago, I was listening to the Good Food podcast and heard a discussion about the Italian way with them, which is to say “braised” in olive oil and garlic until they have given up any crisp tenderness. I couldn’t find a single Italian recipe online, but I found many for “Turkish-style green beans,” which sounded like the same concept. They were wonderful at room temperature and even better the next day, straight out of the fridge for lunch, and are a great way to use the larger ones, those that stayed on the plant a little past the perfect size stage.

green beans.jpg
Darlene Barnes