Growing Good Food.

Building Community.

Sustaining the Land.

Photo by Kirstin Sandaas

Photo by Kirstin Sandaas

Skokomish Valley Farms

We are at the foot of the Olympic Mountains in Western Washington State.  Our commitment is to provide tasty vegetables, poultry, and eggs for the local community.  Our 770-acre farm is owned by a community of 18 families.  We are passionate about the food we grow and are committed to supporting a truly local and sustainable food system.

Find our produce through a membership in our CSA, the Shelton and West Olympia Farmers' Market, and local restaurants.

Our goal is to be the best possible stewards of the land we farm.  To that end, we have 70+ acres in a CREP easement to preserve and restore riparian areas along the Skokomish River.  We have 30+ acres in EWP to protect wetland areas for perpetuity.  We are also organically certified by WSDA, as a measure of our farming practices (certificate link).  And, we are involved with the Mason County Conservation District on various other projects as well.


Shelton Farmers' Market

Come visit our farm stand at the Shelton Farmer's Market and buy some real, local food.  Every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm starting 6 May.

Look at those little rascals (example of a caption)

West Olympia Farmers' Market

We're also at the friendly neighborhood West Olympia Farmers' Market.  Every Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm starting 9 May.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Our farm is about more than just growing good food.  Become part of our extended family by joining our CSA!  Our 20 week season runs from early June through mid-October.  While we still have spots available, we will accept new members mid-season at a prorated rate.  Once our roster is full, we will add prospective members to our waiting list.  Please click on the link below to apply!


Spring Goodness

With the return of sunny days, new life greens up the farm.  Expect shares to include 8+ items such as: lettuce, peas, beets, spinach, flowers


Summer Bounty

During summer, all the large fruits are in season.  Expect shares to be overflowing with 10+ items such as: tomatoes, zucchini, chard, kale, strawberries


Festive Fall

As the temperatures start to drop, we welcome back the cool season crops, sweetened by the evenings.  Expect 9+ items such as: winter squash, broccoli, carrots 


If you would like to simply signup to receive the weekly CSA newsletter, please click on the button below.


(Meat Chickens)

Red Ranger.jpg

Top Quality, Organic, Pasture Raised Broiler Chicken available for On-Farm Purchase!

To place an order, please click on the link above.  We will be harvesting birds once a month from 23 June through 17 November.  They must be picked up on-farm by the consumer.

We raise Red Ranger and Freedom Ranger varieties.  While they take a little longer to mature than the Cornish Cross commonly found in supermarkets, many consider their meat to be superior.  We raise our birds in chicken tractors moved to a new patch of grass every day.  They are wonderfully happy birds!