2017 Week 16 Newsletter

First Frost

We had a bit of a surprise this week down in the veggie patch - a light frost fell on about half the field.  This is an incredibly early first frost - but the clear skies we have been having don't hold onto the heat as well as a few clouds.  The frost didn't reach our cabin so we were surprised to get down to the fields and see all the damage to the pumpkin leaves.  We have known that the frost line keeps up slowly from the river to the hillside - but this is still a month earlier than the first frost last year.  Also, this was likely a freak occurrence and we won't see another frost until mid-October.  The pumpkins are OK - they can continue to ripen in the field as long as the rain holds off.  The good news is that the frost should start to sweeten the snap peas and kale and other frost loving vegetables!

"Something told the wild geese

It was time to fly.

Summer sun was on their wings,

Winter in their cry"

- Rachel Field

The sun is setting earlier and earlier - on the equinox it will set directly behind South Mountain - lined up perfectly with our East-West rows.

The sun is setting earlier and earlier - on the equinox it will set directly behind South Mountain - lined up perfectly with our East-West rows.

CSA Basket - Week 15

Your CSA basket this week includes the following:

Zucchini - Black Star or Costata Romanesco or Yellow Crookneck

Tomatoes - Some of the last of the tomatoes this week -mostly cherry tomatoes.  They are great on a salad or cut in half and salted with scrambled eggs.

Beets - Dice and toss with olive oil and roast.  Then eat with a vinaigrette and goat cheese.

Shintokawa Cucumbers - try the quick pickle recipe with a sweet pepper - perfect on a salad on a hot day

Carrots - these are a nice size for roasting - I saw a recipe this week for roasted carrots with a honey cumin glaze

Kale - saute with onions for a nice side dish or use in a soup

Rainbow Swiss Chard - Great sautéed - did you try the recipe last week?

Eggplant - Try roasted or make a baba ghanoush

Shishito and Sweet Peppers -  The sweet peppers are tasty fresh or try them pickled, too!

Ground Cherries - These are so delicious - like a piece of tropical fruit - excellent eaten fresh or made into a preserve

Snap Peas - a tasty snack - first of the fall crop


Veggie of the Week:

Red Cabbage!


Botanical Facts - Another member of the Brassica family, cabbage belong to the Capitata Group which for a characteristic compact head.  They are an herbaceous biennial flowering plant with heads that vary from ball type heads in the standard cabbage to the Savoy subgroup that have tall heads with crinkly leaves. 

Historical Origins - The cabbage is the first member of the Brassica family to have been cultivated.  The wild species are native to southwestern Europe and the Mediterranean.  Cabbage was valued as a food plant by the Ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, as well.  These first cabbages were headless.  The first mention of headed cabbages is in the first century CE.  By the 12th century they were being cultivated in Germany and replaced kale as a staple vegetable.  It was taken to the New World in the 16th century and cultivated widely in settlements across North America.

Dilled Red Cabbage

This is my 14 year old's favorite vegetable - well - besides maybe broccoli.  He loves this recipe and just calls it "Purple" for short.


  • 1 red cabbage head

  • 1 small onion - I like sweet

  • 1 cup mayonnaise

  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1 Tbsp dried dill

  • 1 tsp ground mustard

  • salt and pepper

1. Cut the cabbage in half and take out the core.  Use a mandolin or knife to slice the cabbage into thin strips.

2. Finely dice the onion and mix into shredded cabbage.

3.  Mix together mayo, vinegar, mustard, and dill in a mason jar and shake to combine. Pour over cabbage and stir.

4.  Serve chilled.  This is a wonderful dish with grilled salmon.


Busy Bee in an Artichoke Flower

I watched this bee for a few minutes - she just loves the artichoke flowers.  She spent more than a minute on each flower burrowing deep in the purple goodness to get the nectar.

We are at a new market!  We are at the Harstine Island Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10-12 until Oct 14th.  We are still at the Shelton Farmers Market from 9-2 on Saturdays until September 30th and the West Olympia Farmers Market on Tuesdays from 4-7 until 10 October.

CSA Members - keep an eye out for a survey I will email out this week.  We would love to get your feedback on what is working and what is not working for you with the CSA. Have a great week!

Your SVF Farm Team

At The FarmAndrea Miller